I love cooking with vanilla pods and so when found myself at a vanilla farm in Sri Lanka recently I took the opportunity buy wholesale! My client The Biomass Group is looking at making Sri Lanka the first fossil free fuel economy in the world, no mean feat but if the political will is there they have the recourses and the climate to do it. Part of the plan is to build a series of wood burning power stations (which are carbon neutral) using a tree called gliricidia. This plant grows very quickly and can be coppiced every six months and the aim is to get local farmers to intercrop it with, amongst other things pepper and, you guessed it, vanilla.

So I have plenty of vanilla, then another opportunity presents it’s self, a shoot for a drinks carton that leaves me with passion fruit. Having worked with Supercook products in the past I thought I’d make panna cotta with an orange and passionfruit sauce… without a recipe or the right dishes for that matter. Champagne flutes are not the convention but they look nice (didn’t think about the washing up though).

I love it when a plan comes together, in this case there wasn’t a plan but it came together, fusing travel, people food and family.






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