A waste of time

So I’m faced with two challenges for the day, firstly it’s a “Daddy-Daughter Day”, everyone else is busy and it’s half term. Second having spotted my passport form on the desk with a self portrait Miriam reminds me that her passport runs out soon too, how a ten year old could possibly remember that is beyond me…

passport 1

So we could nip to a booth or we could set up a white background, four lights, a camera and a laptop and do it properly… Now this many many peoples eyes could be construed as a waste of time, but I opted for the latter.

The first challenge is the correct response to the dreaded words “Bad Hair Day”

passport 3

Miriam is allowed control of our lovely Bose iPod dock, NOW83 is the choice of music while we set up the background together, followed by softboxes and a “Beauty Dish”.

“What does that do?” she asks, “makes you look beautiful” I reply…

From opening the first lighting case to printing out the finished images, took about three hours, in that time we danced, read through the instructions, took some fun shots, worked with Photoshop together and ended up with a better image than if we’d disappeared behind a curtain in a supermaket.

Was it a waste of time?

Yes. It was a glorious waste of time.

passport 2

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