Faster Higher Stronger?

I’m still reflecting on an inspirational summer. As well as a trip to the Olympics with by son who has his sights on representing Great Britain at hockey in or around 2024 (venue to be decided) we also had a family holiday in Canada which is where my love of photography really took off as a teenager.


Many have commented on how inspiring our Olympians and Paralympians have appeared, comparisons have been made with footballers and the instant fame pop culture , as a father it has made me think about the messages that my three children receive from the media and also from me. As a sportsman myself (got my county colours in swimming and represented school at badminton), and I am not allowed to say former sportsman as I have inadvertently taken up hockey as of this week playing my first proper match in a youth development league a mix of older and younger players. I am left reflecting on whether I pursue excellence in my chosen field of photography.

The Olympian motto doesn’t seem fitting in an artistic arena, maybe sharper, brighter, clearer is more appropriate but then I quite like things to be blurry sometimes, literally and metaphorically.


Which leads me to reflect on our holiday. My interest in photography as a career was sparked on another family holiday to visit relatives in Calgary, back in the 1970’s. I was captivated when spending time with my Uncle Angus on the occasional shoot and spending time in his studio and darkroom. What I later realised was his influence reached further than an apparently glamorous way to make a living. Even after spending three months working with him in my twenties it was much later that I appreciated his dedication to his craft, his love of what he did, but most importantly the way he related to the people around him, whether he was photographing them or they were his clients, they became friends.

I continue to be inspired by people around me and in pursuit of my chosen career hope to do the same.

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