Soap Opera


I have recently been working on a very exciting project…..photographing soap. It may not sound that enthralling but it’s one of the best good news stories I’ve heard about in a long time.


Carishea is a new brand of soap, it’s primary ingredient is Shea butter, made from from the Shea nut, used in many beauty and confectionary products. In a nutshell the nuts are harvested in Ghana resulting in the local growers doubling the amount of money they can get for the nuts. If you think they are now butter barons this means they are now earning in the region of £1.50 per day as appose to 75p. The knock on effect of this is that they can afford to put their children through school and an education has long term benefits for the family and the wider community. It also means that families don’t have to sell their children into bonded labour with all the implications that this gives rise to.


But it doesn’t end there. The Shea butter is then imported to Greenock in Scotland where there soap is manufactured by recovering drug addicts on rehabilitation. This employability scheme gives people a fresh start, a chance to prove themselves and the dignity of holding down a job.

But that’s not all. The product itself is made of 50-80% Shea butter which means it’s of the highest quality on the market, which means it has many health benefits and is very pleasant to use!


An all round good deal.


We hope to be visiting Ghana in the near future to make a film and shoot some images.

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