Life’s a beach

¬†These images were shot near the new home of our very good friend Maggie, near Berwick. For years Maggie worked as a food stylist and is a keen photographer herself. We teamed up “for old times sake” on this one, cooked and ate on the beach! We spent a little while choosing the right spot, wanting the background to rise up behind the shot rather than be too flat but in the end we needed to shoot quite quickly before the light passed round behind the camera losing the shape in the rocks, timing is everything with food photography and when you add the complication of working with daylight it’s a difficult balancing act. The angle of the sun wasn’t quite right for the shots of the langoustine so we helped that along with a Profoto Beauty dish and Battery pack, reflecting a little light back in (see below). I love the combination of planning ¬†(essential for a shoot like this), the need to think on your feet and of course the responsibility of letting nothing go to waste…

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