Postcards from Cambodia

“I owe you a beer tonight…in fact I owe you several beers…” was the quote as we travelled through the rice fields near the Vietnam border to film for Edukid, (does what it says on the tin). In order to get to the village to meet our hosts we used various modes of transport including ox carts and motorbikes – oh and did I mention we got caught in a monsoon? One of the privileges of working in the charity sector is the opportunity to meet inspiring people, both at home and abroad, from the people who set up a trust to raise moeney to pay for education thousands of miles away to the teacher who started a school in her back yard when she was only 14 to the ex Khymer Rouge soldier running an orphanage.

Some of the stills taken during the week, interviews to follow soon.

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  1. Nick McDonald says:

    Fantastic set of photos, Mark. It must have been a very rewarding experience.

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